Monday, 7 March 2011

The Orkney Brewery

Its probably the furthest brewery away from my location allowable when talking of Great British Real Ales but this weekend I enjoyed a fine botte of Dragonhead from the Orkney Brewrey. Quite possibly one of the best stouts you can get!

I was lucky enough to have the cask version of this brew at the GBBF a couple of years ago. I am also lucky that locally to me is Utobeer (Borough Market stall) which sell it too.

Now, I'll admit there is a little more fizz in the bottled variety but I can let that go, as the taste is really pleasing. Warning though if ou are not keen on a burnt taste in your ale, then you probably won't enjoy this one.

I think the best description comes from the bottle itself, I can certainly verify the roasted and smokey flavours!

Dragonhead is a legendary stout, dark, intense and fully-flavoured, it is our tribute to the Vikings and their cultural legacy in Orkney.
On the nose:
this black stout has a smooth roasted malt aroma giving bitter chocolate, dark roasted coffee and smokey notes balanced by hints of spicy Goldings hops.
On the palate:
the drak roasted malts combine to give a rich rounded palate with chocolate, toast and nut flavours, with a satisfying hop finish.

I can also thoroughlly recommend the bottled, Red MacGregor, Raven Ale and Dark Island!

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