Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brakspears Brewery (particularly Oxford Gold in bottles)

Brakspears is now part of the Marstons group which also includes the Wychwood range. I can remember drinking Brakspears many years ago (prior to the 2002 Marston take-over) in the Lion Inn in Pawsons Road, Croydon. The pub is still there but i suspect is nothing like I remember it.

However I recently enjoyed a very fine Brakspears - Oxfold Gold (in bottle). Their website site describes it as follows:
Oxford Gold
English Target hops give this beer a remarkable aroma. Late hopping with Goldings and fermentation by the Brakspear yeast creates a remarkable zesty aroma, a full fruity flavour and a golden colour.

Wheras Roger Protz via the excellent beer-pages website says:

Brakspear's Oxford Gold uses all-organic ingredients, including English Target hops and late hopping with Goldings. It pours a light amber colour, with a rich white head. There's a punchy orange and almost tropical fruitiness to the nose, with complex sultana hints and a little caramel malt behind. On the palate this walks a nice line between thick, sweet, malty character and bittersweet, resinous hops, to produce a really nice, dry, chewy style of ale.

Chewy? ? ? Well I'll bow to his superior knowledge but hey ... either way its worth a try

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