Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lizard Ales - Frenchman's Creek

A recent acquisition from Utobeer (Borough Market) a bottled Conditioned Ale from a brewery that up and till now i'd never heard of. They are clearly very proud of their Cornish roots with the black and white flag and why not. The Frenchman's Creek refers to a tributary of the Helford River.

As with all bottled conditioned ales (or BCA's) as i've seen them written on some websites, you have to poor quite slowly and in my case leave it to settle a little because you haven't poured slow enough!!

With that in mind the first couple of sips were not great (slightly acidic I would say due to the yeast) but as it settled down so the taste improvedand by the end I was enjoying it very much.

Frenchman's Creek
Strength: 4.8%
Colour: Pale tan
Taste: Session beer.

I also have a bottle of the Lizard Bitter, so i'll edit this post in the near future!

The website has some interesting information about IPA:
Frenchman’s Creek is available in cask and bottle.The style of beer which is nowadays called India Pale Ale was developed in the 19th century when brewers discovered two things – first that ships carrying materials to England from India were often sailing back empty, making the carriage from England to India cheap; and second, that hops were a natural preservative. So India Pale Ales were developed: bottled beers brewed strong and with lots of hops, allowing them to survive the long hot trip to India. Our Frenchman’s Creek is a modern-day version – 4.8%, pale tan in colour and brewed with bucketfuls of hops!

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