Sunday, 6 February 2011

This weekend i've drunk ...

Joseph Holt - 1849: which was bottled and made for a very fresh friday night relax! Morrisons sell this, and its worth searching out, I think it was in the £1.69 bracket, so not their cheapest range, but still on a deal.

Young's - Bitter: also bottled, this followed the 1849 and was a little weaker in comparison. In a Young's pub I'd always go for a half of Special with a half of Ram Rod ... hmm Ram and Special, so its no surprise the ordinary isn't quite enough for me!
Wells - Bombardier: which I regularly have if I see it in pubs, had a fine pint of this in the Bell in Old Oxted. With a free lunch courtesy of Tesco Clubcards. Wells and Youngs are of course one company now. Bit of shame Youngs had to close their brewery in Wandsworth, I used to have to drive past on the way to work and was regularly held up by the draymen delivering beer to the local pubs by horse drawn carts, somehow it didn't seem to matter, however late I was, or perhaps thats rose tinted specs shining through after all these years!

Saturday lunchtime I found another new brewery to me -
Ramsbury Brewery, I had a pint of Kennet Valley Ramsbury.
I had it in the Wetherspoons outside Norwood Junction. It's quite a bitter bitter, but it went down smooth enough and I'd give it another shot if I came across it!

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