Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Streatham - Greyhound

Showing my age again!
Now I've not been to the Greyhound for many many years, it may be a great pub, but that's not why I'm discussing it. (FYI - http://web.beerintheevening.com/ - BITE - give it 5.8 out of 10 rated by 20 users)

No why I'm bringing up the pub is that many years ago, it used to brew its own beer on site. And a fine beer it was, i'm talking of Dynamite. I first had a pint of Streatham Dynamite in central London just off Picadilly Circus in the Glassblowers in Glasshouse Street.

Then, I and friends used to make regular trips to Streatham just for a pint of Dynamite, I remember it being a dark fulled bodied beer with plenty of taste.

The reason why I was reminded of this was because I was trying to think of the strongest beer I've ever drunk, and maybe it was one of theirs - XXXmas ale. They only served it in half pints and asked us if any of us were driving as we'd be over the limit on that half alone. I believe it was 11%, but I could be wrong. I think it was a bit sickly ... but it had to be done!

Can't find out much about the brewery on the web, I think it closed around about the 90's. Shame.

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  1. I also remember consuming severial pints of Dynamite in the Greyhound one New Years Eve in the mid 80s. An amazing pint that will be sadly missed.