Monday, 21 February 2011

Westerham Brewery

Possibly the nearest brewery to my home. The Crown in Old Oxted always seems to have one of theirs on tap.
On Friday night it was the SPA, which a bit light on taste, but still pleasant none-the-less, I had two pints of it so I must've approved to a degree! Funnily enough the SPA is another light citrus tasting beer, not normally what I go for, but there you go!

From the website:
SPA: A hoppy, citrus flavoured golden ale made with hops from the Scotney and Finchcocks' hop gardens of West Kent.

Personally i've always liked the British Bulldog “BB” 4.3% Best Bitter

Again from the website:A rich, full bodied best bitter in the traditional Kent style. Finest Maris Otter pale ale malt and crystal malt for colour and richness. Hopped with local Kent Northdown and Finchcocks' Whitbread Golding Variety hops for a full flavour and aroma.

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