Monday, 31 January 2011

This weekends brewery of choice! - Dark Star

My first taste of Dark Star produce was in the sadly now closed Beer Circus in South Croydon. As I 've mentioned before light beers are not my personal favourite, but that said, I often enjoyed a Hophead or two.

Well, the wetherspoons I visited saturday evening was doing two Dark Star beers Hophead and a new one on me Partridge, I tried each beer and would recommend you search them out.

An interesting website too

Strength: 3.8%
Colour: Light golden colour
Taste: A bit of citrus flavour (which is what I normally dislike about light beers, but its not so heavy as to take away the 'beer' flavour in this one so worth a try)

Strength: 4.0%
Colour: Dark reddish brown, a typical bitter colour
Taste: I liked this one a lot, difficult to describe but I had another!

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