Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shepherd Neame Brewery - Faversham, Kent

My personal favourite from this brewery is Spitfire
The beer is a regular with me as I often found in the Two Brewers (Selhurst) before a Crystal Palace game. Very distinctive in its taste, so not always popular with everyone. But personally, when served well this is a very more-ish pint, and enjoyable pint, so much so I named one of the tables at my wedding after it!

Strength: 4.2%
Colour: Dark Reddish Orange
Taste: Slightly spiced. Very distinctive at the first gulp!
Other brewery alternatives: Kents Best, Master Brew
Other Seasonal alternatives: Late Red, Whitsable Bay

Of the alternatives, whilst I'm sure they are perfectly fine, the only one that makes me move from Spitfire is Late Red. Although I have been known to have a Master Brew from time to time, if the barrel of the Spitfire is being changed.

Late Red
Strength: 4.5%
Colour: Copper
Taste: Very easily drunk, with a slight nuttiness

Master Brew
Strength: 3.7%
Colour: Lighter than Spitfire but not much
Taste: A lighter version of the Spitfire in taste too, in my opinion.

As an aside, I did try the Canterbury Jack when it first came out, and didn't take to it at all, I see it is still on sale, which surprises me, I wonder what the target audience is as its not a traditional taste at all.

Finally, the Faversham brewery does an excellent brewery tour which I did a couple of years ago, it ended with a very well informed tasting session. If you do stay over whilst in Faversham, I can thoroughly recommend the Sun Inn, also a Neame pub, as most in town are. Britains oldest brewery goes from strength to strength in my book and long may it continue.


  1. and Early Bird. And Up and Under Ale!

  2. Ah Early Bird - yes I would agree with that. Not a massive fan of Bishops Finger though