Monday, 24 January 2011

An Introduction

Hello all,

Okay, my name is Simon, and I've enjoyed real ale now for about 25 years, and this blog initially is to pass on my personal opinion of some of the many beers that I've drunk (King & Barnes Festive, Pompey Royale etc) am drinking or even would like to drink!

I've regularly been to The GBBF (Great British Beer Festival) and always enjoy trying a new beer. I'll be honest I'm not professionally trained to pass on an opinion, but I like to have one anyway.

Recently I've found bottled beers have improved immensely and will be reviewing plenty of those too, as I write I've just finished off two very nice bottles of Jennings beers - Golden Host (an Organic beer not one I normally go for but a pleasant one none-the-less) and Cumberland which I've had on many occasions and would thoroughly recommend, I'm not going to go into details on this first post, but plan to do more in depth reports on future beers including these ones.

Personally, I enjoy beers from all around Britain but particularly South West brewers with beers such as the Otter Head Ale, Palmer IPA, St Austell's Tribute and a lovely one I had at GBBF in Aug 2010 Tintagel's Gull Rock. That said go all the way to the Orkneys and who could resist a pint of Dragon Head, okay I'll admit I've never been to the Orkneys but the bottled variety is a very nice dark ale. Lets not also forget all the breweries in between either.

I think that'll do for my first post, as I've said I will expand how I review, once I got to grips with blogging thing.

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