Thursday, 5 May 2011

Top 5 Real Ales that i'd search out for in pubs

I've changed this around a bit. I think there are so many categories within real ale that its too hard to pick a favourite. So this new top 5 is independent brewery real ales that you can easily get in pubs:

Fullers: London Pride
Being a Londoner I have plenty of opportunity to sample this beer and it is so often very well served which I guess is testament to the landlord of Fullers pubs.

Charles Wells: Bombardier
This is another beer that is generally well looked after. Proud of its Englishness too which is always well received be me.

Shepherd Neame: Spitfire
Drink this regularly at the Two Brewers before venturing up to Selhurst Park, much enjoyed with a very distinctive taste

Palmers: IPA
The Claret in Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon has this and is always a tasy brew.

Timothy Taylor: Landlord
Lovely ale!

Honourable mentions should go to: Palmers IPA. Adnams Southwold. Woodfordes Wherry. Actually this list could go on and on ...  HogsBack Tea. Dark Star Hophead, Westerham SPA.I told you it would ...

Sadly missed would have to be King & Barnes Festive

Feel free to let me know of any massive favourites that I've missed out and maybe I'll samle them and then update as time goes on.

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