Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Coniston Brewery - Bluebird Bitter

Another fine find, and another bought from Utobeer - Borough Market. A bottle conditioned real ale with a really smooth taste, if i'd have bought more I would have drunk more there and then!


Via their website, I found this description:

Bluebird Bitter
3.6% ABV

Malt - Maris Otter pale malt and crystal malt
Hops - Challenger
“It is, quite simply, a wonderful beer. It is exceedingly pale (21-22 units colour), with just a hint of colour in its cheeks from the dash of crystal malt. It has a massive orange fruit aroma from the challengers, balanced by biscuity malt.

"Juicy malt and tart hops vie for attention in the mouth while the finish is tart and hoppy but well balanced by creamy malt. The bitterness rating is a substantial 36-38. The tangy fruit lingers on the back of the tongue until it develops a hint of orange liqueur.”  Roger Protz - CAMRA

I have to say units of colour and bitterness rating are a new one on me, and not something I claim to understand, but yes it was quite light but not really a 'light' flavour. I would imagine Roger was having draught which is always superior, but the hoppy and creamy references ring true, though I don't honestly remember juicy malt and tart hops vieing for attention in the mouth!

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