Monday, 16 May 2011

Springhead Brewery - The Leveller

Had a bottle of this at the weekend and worth a visit to Morrisons for another I think!
The website description belwo is spot on I think, and the taste reminded me of my old favourite K&B Festive.

(OG 1047, ABV 4.8%)
A dark, smoky intense flavour with a burnt toffee finish.  Brewed in the style of Belgian Trappist ale.
The Leveller has won the runner up of best bitter at the Great British Beer Festival 1995
The Levellers were politically minded opponents of King Charles 1st who sought a better balance of power between the king and Parliament.  They put together pamphlets citing their demands :
An Agreement of the People, for the People"
Since February 2011, The Leveller beer is also available in bottles; nationally at Morrisons, and regionally in Oddbins, Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

Another ale from the Springhead Brewery that you may have had and enjoyed is Roaring Meg.

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