Tuesday, 7 August 2012

St Austell Brewery tour

Whilst in cornwall on hols I went on the St Austell Brewery tour. Have to say they have a fine selection of beers.

The tour itself was excellent, compared with others I been on they seem to show more of the process. At the end we had samples from four of their specialist bottles:

Admiral Ale: 5% ABV - good bottled beer
Smugglers: 6% ABV - liked this one, full flavoured and rich
Strawberry Blonde: 4% ABV not sure about this, for me this didn't seem to have the class of say a Belgium fruit beer
Clouded Yellow: 4.8% ABV - this is apparently great with curries and I can see why, have bought a couple of bottles to test out that theory ;-)

Then two tokens for two halves or a pint.

The two halves I had were Tribute and Proper Job, both of which I thoroughly enjoy but with very different flavours.

Tribute(4.5 ABV) is a great session beer and Proper Job (4.2% ABV) has just the right hint of citrus without it overpowering the bitter taste.

Some people may remember a beer called Tinners well this is being phased out and replaced by Trelawny, slightly weaker, but a great taste none-the-less, had a couple of these on with a meal out whilst away too!


Once again the west country comes up trumps!!

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