Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Crystal Palace 2nd Beer Festival

Thoroughly enjoyed this event and was very impressed with the organisation was also impressed by the  variety and quality of beers on offer.

The event was done on a voucher basis which sped up serving and meant I knew exactly how many I'd had a the end of the day (having cleared my £19 worth of vouchers)

I'll admit I didn't tick off all the beers I had and had to do a little guess work the next day to cross of the last few, but of the ones I marked my favourites were:

Blue Monkey - BG Sips

Bristol Beer Factory - No7

Cross Bay - Nightfall

All of the above I would describe as good session beers, with great flavour and easily quaffable!

I had the Rev James on draft but not sure if it came out quite right - it certainly didn't appeal as much as i'd hoped it would.

I definitely had the Kent Cobnut - which was a bit too roasted for my tastes.

After which I believe I had:
East London Brewery - Nightwatchman
Itchen Valley - Godfathers
St Austell - Tribute
Rebellion IPA

To my shame I didn't comment on these but if they'd been horrendous I would've remembered! I'm almost certain I enjoyed the Itchen Valley as much as the ones above!! I've had Tribute many times before and liked it - in fact I'd like to think I might do a brewery tour at St Austell this year!!

Still when you are handed your festival glass this way - whose to complain!! You certainly don't get that at the GBBF!

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