Friday, 16 September 2011

Real Ale news!

This is great news, not that it surprises me.

The article mentions an increase in both younger men and women drinkers and I would confirm this too, if only by the clientele seen over the last 20 years of the GBBF.

I can remember in the first few years having a criteria and points system for spotting a certain type of gentleman, it went something like this:
10 points awarded for:
  • Bushy beard
  • Overhanging beer gut (extra points for an old festival T-Shirt that's far too short exposing belly)
  • Sandals and socks
  • Biege trousers with useful pockets (extra points for longer socks with shorts)
Extra points for a combination of the above.

Whilst some of that clientele are still at the festival, it has to be said the crowd has changed over the years and it can only be a good thing.

I have also seen two very good blogs by women (which are in my list of links), who would be in the category that the article is talking about. Here's hoping this trend continues.
And as the years go by, lets hope I don't add too many of the criteria!

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