Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Otter Brewery

Last week I spent a very pleasant week in South East Devon, not far from Branscombe, and on three occasions we visited the Hare and Hounds pub at Putts Corner, a few miles south of Honiton.

The pub had Branscombe Vale Breweries Branoc which I tried first and whilst it tasted fine I just felt it didn't have quite enough flavour for me, that said I had it at lunchtime and would've considered more if i'd been 'on an all day sess'!

However, on the next two visits I tried the Otter Ale. (My wife had the Otter Bitter - which is a bit of a mouthful to ask for?! -which i liked but not as much as the Ale)

The Ale was rich in taste and rich in colour and went down very smoothly. Maybe this was, in part, due to the fact I was relaxing on holiday with family and friends whilst also surprisingly enjoying good weather too. It would definitely also be due to the fact that all the beers here were being served straight out of the barrel and the pub clearly looked after its ale!

Otter and I go back a long way in fact, I've been a regular attendee a the GBBF over the years, but i have to say I don't often follow up a beer I've drunk at the festival and look out for it elsewhere, that wasn't true with Otter which I found 'bottled' in an off licence just up the road from where I was living, Otter Head in this case, a bottled beer well worth investing in!

Beer: Otter ale

Brewery: Otter Brewery

Category: Premium ale
ABV %: 4.5

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